Eulogy II

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So we gather again to say our goodbyes and to celebrate a life that each of us will remember in a different way. John Crews had a talent, among many, for finding a way to become almost anything that was asked of him. He started as a boy without a place in the world who became a soldier when his country called; he became a musician and performer when it brought joy to others. He was a teacher and a business creator when he saw the good it could bring to his family, his world, his community – and ultimately he found his place with a family of his own and he found his place with Jo.

He was proud of his military service, and rightfully so. It was a different time and a different nation that called him. It took participation from John and Jo both to make it work but he not only served but served with honor and was decorated for his actions. I think that, more important than the medals or the brave acts in war that earned them was the notion that, when his country called, (as he often said) he was happy to serve. This is a theme that would replay over John’s whole life. Read more