Where would you go in a Time Machine?

Happy 2016

Where would you go in a Time Machine?

Turn the knobs one way and travel back to the past. Watch delegates sign a newly minted Declaration of Independence in 1776 or ancient workers and slaves building pyramids in the desert.

Turn the dial to the right and pull the lever and you’re off to the future! Watch your great-grandkids tell stories of your adventures as they work on the design for those flying cars we STILL haven’t quite perfected.

2015 is in the past. Sure, we had a boisterous, complicated, and sometimes torturous but always interesting year. It was short, it was long, we lived and learned, and it was fulfilling. The Time Machine has been there and done that. Read more

Redefining Success

(This is the text of a speech Jill and I wrote for her to deliver at an Austin Women’s Blogging event.)


I did some career counseling with my son the other day. I think it went pretty well. He’s four years old… almost five… and frankly I think it’s about time he started to take this whole “responsibility” thing seriously.

No, but it went down like this.  We were at one of our favorite burger places, my husband was there, the kid… really just into his food at first but at one point he got interested in how the trash was taken care of.  He wanted to know how the trash can worked, and if they took it out the front, and who was responsible for it. Read more